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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Clean and Cozy in Winter

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your House Clean and Cozy in Winter

As winter approaches in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and the broader Hampton Roads region, ensuring a clean and cozy home becomes pivotal, especially when working in tandem with a trusted realtor and property manager. Here are practical tips and tricks offered by experienced property managers and realtors to keep your house in pristine condition during the colder months:

Winter Entryway Essentials:
Combat snow and mud by placing sturdy doormats outside and inside entrances. Establish a designated area for wet boots and regularly clean and maintain weather stripping to prevent drafts and debris, a practice recommended by seasoned property managers.

Winterize Your Cleaning Routine:
Adapt your cleaning methods with guidance from property managers; utilize a humidifier to counter dry indoor air caused by heating systems. Regularly dust surfaces due to increased dust circulation from heating. Concentrate vacuuming on high-traffic areas to eliminate tracked-in salt and debris.

Cozy Up Your Living Spaces:
Create a warm atmosphere using winter-themed decor like blankets and candles, as suggested by property managers. Refresh upholstery by rotating and cleaning it. Consider deep-cleaning carpets to eradicate odors and stains, a tip often emphasized by property management experts.

Winterize Your Wardrobe:
Organize winter gear by decluttering closets and storing off-season clothing, advice that property managers frequently advocate. Install hooks or racks for winter clothing and regularly launder winter gear like gloves and scarves to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Prepare Your Kitchen:
Maintain cleanliness by organizing and cleaning the pantry, and discarding expired items, a practice suggested by property managers. Wipe kitchen surfaces daily to prevent germ spread. Deep clean the refrigerator, including coils and shelves, to ensure a hygienic environment.

Winter Cleaning for Safety:
Ensure safety by checking and replacing furnace filters for efficient heating. Inspect and clean chimneys or fireplaces if applicable, a crucial recommendation from property management professionals. Test and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for added safety measures.

Stay Proactive with Maintenance:
Prevent potential issues by inspecting windows and doors for drafts and addressing weather stripping concerns. Schedule professional HVAC inspections with guidance from property managers. Clear gutters to prevent ice dams and water damage, a crucial aspect highlighted by property management expertise.

Plan for Regular Decluttering:
Maintain a clutter-free space by routinely organizing winter gear and donating items no longer needed. Rotate seasonal decorations for a refreshed ambiance in your home, a strategy often recommended by property managers and realtors alike.

With support from a knowledgeable realtor and property manager, create a cozy retreat in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Hampton Roads during the winter months. Stay proactive with cleaning and maintenance to revel in the winter's beauty from within your well-managed and well-kept home.