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Chesapeake Property Management Company

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At Abrams Realty, we specialize in simplifying the complexities of rental property management in Chesapeake.

Owning rental properties can be overwhelming, requiring significant time and expertise to handle everything from tenant relations and rent collection to maintenance and vendor coordination.

Our dedicated team at Abrams Realty is here to alleviate these burdens, ensuring your properties are managed efficiently and effectively.

With years of experience in residential, commercial, and multi-family property management, we offer comprehensive services tailored to maximize your property's potential while minimizing your stress.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to property ownership, we provide personalized attention and proactive management solutions to protect your investment and enhance its profitability.

Let Abrams Realty save you time, effort, and frustration, so you can enjoy the benefits of property ownership without the daily challenges.

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Our Property Management Services

At Abrams Realty we come fully stocked with a suite of property management services tailored to meet your needs. Below are just a few of our most popular services offered.

Tenant Screening

At Abrams Realty, we prioritize thorough and meticulous tenant screening to ensure your rental property in Chesapeake is managed with care and security.

Our process begins with collecting detailed rental applications from prospective tenants, which include comprehensive information such as employment history, income verification, rental history, and personal references.

We conduct rigorous credit checks to assess financial responsibility and verify income to ensure applicants can afford the rent. We also contact previous landlords to gather insights into an applicant's rental history, evaluating their payment reliability and adherence to lease agreements.

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Our screening process is designed to protect property owners' investments by selecting tenants who meet our strict criteria for financial stability, responsible tenancy, and respect for property rules.

We prioritize finding reliable tenants who contribute positively to our community of rental properties.

Property Inspections

We approach property inspections with a comprehensive and proactive strategy to maintain the quality and condition of our managed properties throughout different phases of occupancy.

For move-ins, we conduct meticulous inspections to document the property's condition thoroughly, ensuring any existing issues or damages are noted before the tenant takes possession.

This process includes detailed inspection reports and photographs to establish a clear baseline.

Regular inspections are scheduled periodically during the tenant's occupancy to assess the property's upkeep and address maintenance needs promptly.

These inspections are conducted following local regulations and lease agreements, aiming to minimize disruption to tenants while ensuring property standards are maintained.

Upon move-outs, we perform detailed inspections to compare the property's condition against the initial move-in inspection, identifying any damages beyond normal wear and tear.

This structured approach allows us to uphold property integrity, and facilitate smooth transitions between tenants with minimal hassle.

Property Maintenance

At Abrams Realty, we prioritize proactive and responsive property maintenance to ensure our managed properties in Chesapeake are well-maintained and in optimal condition.

Beginning with regular inspections, allows us to identify maintenance needs early on, addressing issues promptly before they escalate.

We maintain a network of trusted vendors and contractors who are skilled in various trades, ensuring quality repairs and upkeep for our properties.

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When maintenance requests are received from tenants, we prioritize them based on urgency and impact on tenant comfort and property condition.

Our team manages all aspects of maintenance coordination, from scheduling appointments to overseeing work completion and ensuring adherence to budgetary constraints.

Throughout the maintenance process, we keep property owners informed with detailed reports and updates, providing transparency and peace of mind.

By maintaining proactive communication and efficient handling of maintenance issues, Abrams Realty aims to protect property values, enhance tenant satisfaction, and optimize the overall rental experience for our clients.

Lease Agreements

We streamline the lease agreement process to ensure a seamless experience for property owners in Chesapeake.

We craft comprehensive lease agreements that are tailored to protect landlord’s interests while complying with local laws and regulations. We work closely with property owners to understand their specific preferences and requirements, incorporating them into the lease terms effectively.

Our team handles all aspects of lease negotiation and drafting, ensuring clarity and transparency throughout the process. We also educate owners on market conditions and rental trends to help them make informed decisions about lease terms, such as rental pricing and duration.

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Throughout the tenancy, we monitor lease compliance and address any issues that may arise, providing ongoing support to property owners.

By making the lease agreement process straightforward and efficient, Abrams Realty aims to minimize administrative burdens for owners while maximizing the profitability and stability of their rental investments.

About Chesapeake, VA

Chesapeake attracts residents and property investors alike with its blend of suburban charm, amenities, and strategic location within the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.

The city offers a variety of housing options, from waterfront properties along the Intracoastal Waterway to quiet suburban enclaves.

Its proximity to major highways facilitates easy access to neighboring cities like Norfolk and Chesapeake, making it an ideal location for commuters and those seeking a tranquil suburban lifestyle with access to urban amenities.

Property investment in Chesapeake is attractive due to its stable real estate market and potential for long-term appreciation. The city's economic stability, supported by industries such as defense, healthcare, and agriculture, contributes to steady property values and rental demand.

Investors can find opportunities in a range of property types, from single-family homes to multi-unit dwellings, catering to diverse housing needs and preferences.

With its scenic beauty, strategic location, and economic resilience, Chesapeake offers a compelling opportunity for residents seeking a serene residential environment and investors looking to capitalize on a growing real estate market.

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